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An eco-responsible supplier from Quebec: FINIUM

An eco-responsible supplier from Quebec: FINIUM

A recent article from Citzen D on Finium. Finium offers some amazing products and you can buy them directly from

Founded in 1999, it was originally a wood molding factory (include flooring baseboards). They produced different species and different thicknesses. Only that: this activity generated a lot of unused woodfall: the tongues. For fun, a person from the factory picked them up, glued to a board of wild cherry plywood and thus created the first 3D wood panel of Finium. Today, the company no longer produces moldings and is expanding internationally!

The ecological actions of Finium:

1- In order to reduce the carbon footprint, Finium supplies itself from regional forests, mainly located in Canada and the northeastern United States.

2- The varnish used, cooked ultraviolet, emits only a low rate of VOC emission, between 0.00 and 0.04 Kg / L. It is also designed without formaldehyde.

3- An adhesive made entirely with water: Finium has chosen to use a glue with ecological virtues for the installation of panels, which makes their collections eco-responsible.

4- The panels are designed primarily from recycled materials from the factory. Indeed, the recovered pieces are cut to constitute a pattern that allows the notch, without wasting!


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