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Urethane Medallions

Our urethane ceiling medallions are exquisite architectural elements, perfect for creating an enduring focal point in any space. They offer an added layer of dimension and texture, infusing character and a touch of vintage allure into your decor. With a limitless array of designs, we cater to all styles, from classic to contemporary, ensuring there's a medallion to complement every aesthetic. Boasting the most expansive collection available, we're confident in helping you find that unique element to enhance your space. Arriving factory-primed, these medallions are ready for your creative touch—paint them, apply a faux finish, add a gel stain, or try marbleizing. The possibilities are endless to make these pieces uniquely yours.

Customer Testimonials


Jean Hernandez

"Very substantial!!! Great quality beautiful moldings. I used them in the ceilings with the large flute and bell moldings and they look amazing. These moldings are made with great quality, very heavy and thick."

Baseboards rock

Just installed these poplar baseboards with simple clean design in my master bathroom and really happy with them. Boards arrived neatly packaged in a timely manner. Quality was very good and just required a little light sanding. Definitely recommended.

Mark Abbas

Pretty and sturdy

Arrived timely, well made. I stained them and they work great!

Sonya Tolson

Exact Match

I looked all over for my trim to match my 1920s home and this was it. The quality was great but I think I’m more impressed by the customer service and shipping. I can’t remember who helped me but it made the process really easy. The trim shipped quickly and was well packaged and the price was very reasonable. Very happy with this product and company.

Luke Windle

Very High Quality

I have used this casing before and always liked it. I actually used it as a base molding and it looks great. And you can'r beat the fact that it's hardwood!

John Geiss

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