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1″ Bevel Slat Tambour – Thick - Usually Ships in 7-10 Business Days

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Elevate Your Interiors with White River's Easy-to-Install Tambour Panels 🏡🌟

Greetings, design and architecture aficionados! 🎨 Are you looking for an elegant yet simple way to transform your spaces? Your quest ends here with White River Hardwoods' high-quality Tambour panels. Easy to install and incredibly versatile, these solid wood panels come with a flexible backing that easily bends, perfect for fitting into curves and corners.

🛠️ Installation Simplified

Use standard construction or paneling adhesive to attach the Tambour panels onto any solid substrate. If you're dealing with thicker profiles, consider using finishing nails or temporary bracing until the glue sets, ensuring a flawless application.

🌈 Design Versatility

Each panel features natural variations in color and grain, adding depth and texture to your design. With 1" slat width x 1/2" thickness, these panels can effortlessly bend around curves and corners, elevating your project's aesthetics.

🇺🇸 Unmatched Quality

Proudly made in the USA from premium North American hardwoods, our Tambour panels arrive sanded and ready for your choice of stain or paint. Remember to allow the material to stretch and acclimate for at least 48 hours before finishing.

Instructions For Installation of Tambour 🛠️  

Flexible Wood Tambour is a versatile and elegant solution for interior design, offering a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Ideal for adding a touch of natural warmth and sophistication to any space, this product requires careful handling and specific installation procedures to maintain its integrity and appearance. Understanding the appropriate storage, handling, finishing, and installation techniques is crucial to ensure the best results and longevity of the tambour panels. This guide provides detailed instructions on managing Flexible Wood Tambour effectively, from when it is received to its final installation, ensuring that the material retains its beauty and functionality in your interior space. 


Flexible Wood Tambour - Storage & Handling

• Flexible Wood Tambour is intended for interior use only and is not designed for wet areas or locations with high humidity, such as showers, bathrooms, or pools.

• Upon receipt of material, tambour panels must be stored in a controlled environment and allowed 24 to 48 hours to acclimate. This is best done with the panels lying flat on a horizontal surface.

• Before installation or shop finishing, tambour panels should be lightly rolled/unrolled to flex the backing sheet. Hold for 5+ seconds in the rolled position before returning to flat.



• Flexible Wood Tambour panels can be finished using standard wood finishing techniques before or after installation.

• Panels can be rolled or “slumped” slightly to allow the finish to reach between wood slats.



• Flexible Wood Tambour panels can be installed vertically or horizontally and should be dry-fit before applying adhesive.
• Be sure the substrate/wall surface is clean from debris/dirt/dust/grease.
• Install tambour panels only in a controlled environment (standard room temperature/humidity).
• Off-the-shelf PVA, contact adhesive, epoxy, or high-quality panel adhesives such as TiteBond Fast Grab FRP Adhesive may be used.
• If using panel adhesive, troweled-on, full-coverage (80-100%) to within ¼” of the panel edge is recommended. If applying with a caulk gun, include continuous beads around the perimeter as well as horizontal beads every 4-6”.
• Clean/remove any excess adhesive to prevent “spill-over” from getting on the face of the tambour slats.
• For best results, test a small area for proper adhesions before complete installation.
• Trim screws or nails can be used at the customer’s discretion.
• Apply full and firm pressure over the entire panel to ensure continuous bond. A ¾” thick sacrificial board should be used when tapping/hammering the tambour panel in place.
• Adjacent panels should not be butted against one another too tightly, as some minor movement in service is expected.
• Do not mount/fasten furniture or cabinetry through tambour panels to the wall. Movement of the furniture or cabinetry can cause buckling or improper fit/adhesion of the tambour panels and will void the warranty.  

Tips for Handling, Finishing, and Installation  

1. Before attaching the tambour panel, it's crucial to stretch it out. To do this, roll the panel inward.  



2. To prepare the tambour panel, flex it outward with considerable force. This action is necessary to stretch the panel's paper backing thoroughly. After adequately stretching, the panel will become noticeably more flexible in all directions.



3. When installing the panels, leaving small gaps between them is essential. A helpful guide is to ensure these gaps are roughly the thickness of two stacked business cards. Allowing these small spaces is crucial as the wood expands naturally and contracts post-installation.


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