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White River Hardwoods

Discover White River's range of 3,000+ Embellished Hardwood Mouldings and Handcarved Woodcarvings. Versatile and from eight curated collections, these products are perfect for adding a touch of elegance or creating impactful details in your interiors.
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Solid Wood Tambour Panels

Experience the timeless elegance and unmatched versatility of our Hardwood Tambour Panels, the perfect solution for creating unique, durable and seamless designs in any space. Each panel is meticulously crafted, guaranteeing not just a visually pleasing design, but also a long-lasting addition to your décor.
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Acoustic Slat Wood Wall Panels

Discover our premium, North American-crafted acoustic wall panels, designed with interior designers, architects, and DIY enthusiasts in mind. These exceptional wood strip panels offer superior acoustic performance while exuding a sleek, modern elegance.
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Finium Wood Panels

Discover Finium - Canadian craftsmanship revered globally. Their superior products have shaped countless designs in North America and Europe over 20 years. Finium offers distinctive, easy-to-install solutions for residential and commercial spaces.
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Designs of Distinction

Experience the luxurious touch of Designs of Distinction®, a leading brand in the world of interior design offering high-quality wood and metal components. Proudly made in America with top-tier materials, each item from their collection is meticulously designed, adding a captivating charm and enduring value to your space
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Dive into the realm of Mouldings, Corbels and More, your ultimate sanctuary for the design aficionado and the passionate DIY virtuoso. We're the place where your unique vision for your next remodel or groundbreaking construction project can truly come alive.

Uncover a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind interior products, handpicked just for you. We've traversed both local and global markets, hunting down those elusive niche items that bring that extra dash of 'wow' to any space. From eclectic international finds to crafted local gems, we deliver them all right to your doorstep.

And here's the best part - not only are these pieces hand-curated, but they're also competitively priced! Even better, enjoy FREE shipping on the majority of our brand offerings. We are absolutely smitten by these products, and we believe you will fall head over heels for them too.

If you haven't yet made your way to our Mailing List, or aren't following our design journey on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, there's no better time than now. For regular doses of inspiration, feast your eyes on our Instagram feed. It showcases real-life applications of our products, transforming everyday spaces into breathtaking environments.

Don't just create, innovate with Mouldings, Corbels and More. Your design journey awaits!

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New Products

Discover the wow factor for your interiors with our latest offerings—Tambour and Acoustic Panels, Plaster Medallions, and Custom Resin Profiles. More than just decor, these pieces elevate your spaces with depth and flair. Ready for next-level design? Our new collection turns your rooms into show-stoppers. Let's make those design dreams come true!

Hardwood Mouldings and Carvings

Dive into an unparalleled collection of mouldings and carvings featuring the classic elegance of White River, the innovative Designs of Distinction, and the everyday artistry of Art for Everyday. These aren't just mouldings; they're statements of style and craftsmanship, all available in one destination. Shop with us and transform your space with the pinnacle of moulding design.

Tambour, Acoustic & Decorative Panels

Explore design flexibility with our Tambour, Acoustic and Decorative Panels. Our Tambour Panels, available in woods like Paint Grade and White Oak, bend easily around curves and can be painted or stained. Pair these with our Acoustic or Decorative Panels, which offer style and sound control through wooden slats and eco-friendly felt, for a seamless, easy-to-install solution perfect for any space.

Tambour Wall Panels

Ideal for hospitality, commercial, or residential projects, our Tambour Panels excel in applications such as full walls, accent walls, bar fronts, wainscots, and more.

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Featured Collections

MDF Radius Corners for Fixtures, Cabinetry & Furniture

The MDF Radius Corner Moulding for Cabinets, Furniture & Fixtures are a cost effective and versatile material and are designed to allow cabinet fabricators to include smooth, consistent radius corners in their units. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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