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Private Residence - New Construction, Rural Pennsylvania

Being inspired by great homes and mansions from the past, this home was to capture the best of the past with the best of the modern world, now! From large scale, highly detailed kitchen-living areas to intimate vestibules, architectural elements abound throughout and connect each room to the last. Always richly detailed with large arch openings, sweeping stairways, paneled walls, and intricate deep paneled cased openings. But the best are all the highly-detailed and thoughtful ceilings – each one developed for each room’s personality, scale, and use. This client also loved a disciplined approach to designs containing ornamental motifs like acanthus leaves, coins, running leaves, lambs tongues and French scrolls – and were used in a tailored design sense. Columns and capitals in varying sizes and styles add a touch of Classicism, too.

This is a Design Services Project which includes design concept, elevations, sections, dimensioned drawings, take-off, quote and jobsite drawings for installation. For more information on how we can assist you in taking your ideas and transform them into the interior of your dreams visit Millwork Design Services.

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