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Specified Lengths Policy


Our mouldings are produced from lumber that is 65% 12'-16' lengths, allowing us to produce stock mouldings in long lengths (overall 3'-16'). There is an upcharge for specified lengths. The customer also pays for additional footage (overpull) needed to pull specified lengths. Upcharges by category are shown below. It is not our policy to run specified lengths on stock items when there is standing inventory. Customer will be notified if a specified length cannot be pulled from in-stock mouldings, per the policy, so that they can match their orders to current available lengths. 

Specifying 15' & 16' Lengths

Because 15' - 16' lengths are considered premium, there is a 30% upcharge. These will be keyed in under a separate line item. Specified lengths are subject to that length being available in current inventory. We do not set up and run specified lengths when we have standing inventory. Processing specified-length orders requires opening bundles to pull those lengths. If lengths are not available, we pull the longer lengths required to fill the order. The moulding is then tallied and bundled for shipping. The extra moulding that has been pulled has to be retallied, bundled and restocked. This is a time-consuming process. Our standard 30% upcharge is enough to cover the labor to reasonably pull the desired lengths, not to cover the additional footage needed to get the order. A reasonable attempt will be made to pull the order to desired lengths, but overages of an additional 10-20% may occur. If extra footage exceeds 20%, we will call for approval. 

Tallying Policy

This industry-standard policy will allow customers to correctly receive the stock that is pulled to meet their orders. All mouldings tallied to the nearest foot. For example, if the actual length is 11'5", the tallied length is 11'. If the actual length is 11'7", the tallied length is 12'. If the actual length is 11'6", the tallied length is 11'. 

FedEx Orders

Specified lengths on FedEx orders are subject to an up-charge of 20% plus additional LF needed to pull the order. Many orders with FedEx piece counts are exceeding the cost to ship LTL (LTL: Less than Truck Load, TL: Truck Load). To FedEx, five bundles can be the same as a $100 LTL charge. Many of the truck lines we use to ship LTL have shipping schedules within a day of regular FedEx ground.

Online Orders

Orders accepted online are for random length pulls. Lengths will be 8’ and under for FedEx. 9-16’ random lengths may be used on LTL shipments.

If your job demands a specified length order, please contact Custom Support at or at 1-866-687-8746 to discuss your needs. Specified length orders are subject to the upcharges below:





Mon Reale



Ornamentally Embossed







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