Square Tulip Foot, 3 1/2"sq. x 4 5/8"h

Square Tulip Foot, 3 1/2"sq. x 4 5/8"h

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Square Tulip Foot, 3 1/2"sq. x 4 5/8"h

White River's Column, Corner Posts and Feet Collection offers profiles in Maple, Cherry and other popular wood species. This Collection features complimentary sizes in full and half columns and feet. Popular motifs include acanthus, fluting, ropes and weaved. These profiles offer architectural detail for the entire project from millwork details to kitchen cabinetry, islands, mantels and transforming specialty cabinetry into furniture. These profiles are in-stock in Maple and Cherry, ship unfinished and can stain or paint.

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Specified Lengths Policy


Our mouldings are produced from lumber that is 65% 12'-16' lengths, allowing us to produce stock mouldings in long lengths (overall 3'-16'). There is an upcharge for specified lengths. The customer also pays for additional footage (overpull) needed to pull specified lengths. Upcharges by category are shown below. It is not our policy to run specified lengths on stock items when there is standing inventory. Customer will be notified if a specified length cannot be pulled from in-stock mouldings, per the policy, so that they can match their orders to current available lengths. 

Specifying 15' & 16' Lengths

Because 15' - 16' lengths are considered premium, there is a 30% upcharge. These will be keyed in under a separate line item. Specified lengths are subject to that length being available in current inventory. We do not set up and run specified lengths when we have standing inventory. Processing specified-length orders requires opening bundles to pull those lengths. If lengths are not available, we pull the longer lengths required to fill the order. The moulding is then tallied and bundled for shipping. The extra moulding that has been pulled has to be retallied, bundled and restocked. This is a time-consuming process. Our standard 30% upcharge is enough to cover the labor to reasonably pull the desired lengths, not to cover the additional footage needed to get the order. A reasonable attempt will be made to pull the order to desired lengths, but overages of an additional 10-20% may occur. If extra footage exceeds 20%, we will call for approval. 

Tallying Policy

This industry-standard policy will allow customers to correctly receive the stock that is pulled to meet their orders. All mouldings tallied to the nearest foot. For example, if the actual length is 11'5", the tallied length is 11'. If the actual length is 11'7", the tallied length is 12'. If the actual length is 11'6", the tallied length is 11'. 

FedEx Orders

Specified lengths on FedEx orders are subject to an up-charge of 20% plus additional LF needed to pull the order. Many orders with FedEx piece counts are exceeding the cost to ship LTL (LTL: Less than Truck Load, TL: Truck Load). To FedEx, five bundles can be the same as a $100 LTL charge. Many of the truck lines we use to ship LTL have shipping schedules within a day of regular FedEx ground.

Online Orders

Orders accepted online are for random length pulls. Lengths will be 8’ and under for FedEx. 9-16’ random lengths may be used on LTL shipments.

If your job demands a specified length order, please contact Custom Support at support@mouldings.com or at 1-866-687-8746 to discuss your needs. Specified length orders are subject to the upcharges below:





Mon Reale



Ornamentally Embossed








Finium Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install FriendlyWall® anywhere?

No, anywhere inside a building, but away from any risk of splashing water or a strong source of heat. Installation guidelines and our warranty both indicate that this product reacts like any hardwood floor and requires an ideal ambient humidity level, ideally between 35% and 55%.

Where can I install FriendlyWall® ?
There are many options open to you: to draw attention to a wall in the living room, dining room or entrance hall; to define a space or divide a large room into smaller sections; to enhance the far wall in an alcove, library or wall leading to an upper floor; to act as a backdrop for the bed in a bedroom; or to decorate the base of a piece of furniture or partition wall.

Can I install FriendlyWall® in a bathroom?
Yes, in most cases when it is located away from the risk of splashing water.

Can I use FriendlyWall® on a ceiling?
Yes, it has been installed on ceilings with spectacular results. However, you need to vigorously shake the panel prior to install to ensure all moldings are securely glued in place.

What is construction glue or PL glue?
PL Glue is 100% polyurethane. It is used to glue pre-finished or unfinished panels, agglomerate, drywall, moldings, etc. to any dry wall or other material. As a rule, it takes three 295-ml tubes for a surface of 100 square feet (9,5 m2). This glue is applied with a caulking gun. If you use a caulking gun with an opening of 3/8 inch in diameter, multiply the estimated number of cartridges by 2.

Can I simply nail the panel in place without gluing it?
No. The glue is important to ensure complete and even bonding of the panel to the wall. The nails serve to position the panel until the glue sets. The Finium warranty is valid only when the panel is installed with this combination of glue and nails. If the panel is only nailed to transversal braces, for example, the entire surface of the panel is not supported and it may warp. Our warranty will apply only if the panel is glued and nailed to the wall.

Can I simply glue the panel without nailing it?
No, however, some clients have chosen to install FriendlyWall® directly on cement walls using only glue. However, humidity levels of cement walls have contributed to panels swelling later on. If the surface to be covered is dry and shows little sign of humidity, the use of glue without nails is possible. However, we recommend the use of fast-bonding glue and wedges at the bottom of the first row of panels to prevent that row from sliding before the glue is completely set. In this case, the warranty will not apply.

Can I cut the panels with a jigsaw?
No, this is a bad idea. The panels will chip. However, you must use a jigsaw to cut inside the panel to add an electrical outlet frame or an air vent, for example. 

Can I install FriendlyWall® on unpainted or jointed drywall?
Yes, definitely.

Can anybody install FriendlyWall®?
Yes, with proper tools and a handy partner. Installation guidelines and videos available on the website provide a quick review of the tools and techniques required to install FriendlyWall®. Technical drawings are also available to illustrate how to install moldings, frame an electrical outlet and finish a corner.

How long will it take to install an 8 by 10 foot wall with no door or window trim?
Around two hours, with the proper tools and a good partner!

Can I install FriendlyWall® without moldings?
Yes, but the result may lack that finishing touch. Contour molding is designed to mask unsightly cuts and uneven walls or ceilings. 

How do I finish a corner?
We recommend the use of two contour moldings, each abutting the other at the junction of the two walls to cover. Our website presents technical drawings explaining how to finish a corner.

Do you offer a molding that can cover the corners of two surfaces?
No, only the use of two pieces of contour molding allows the connection of two decorative surfaces mounted at 90°angles.

What happens if small pieces of wood detach from the panel?
Simply glue them back in place. A lamination may become unglued following rough shipping or a blow. Use regular carpenter glue or the 100% polyurethane glue used to install the panels on the wall.

Does a touch-up kit exist to repair scratches?
A touch-up kit is available for all FriendlyWall® references of the four collections. Sold in different formats depending on the collections 1) for natural panels of walnut, a single touch-up applicator with varnish only; for stained products, a dual-action valve marker containing stain and varnish, for oiled products, a dual-action valve marker containing stain and oil. 

Can I use FriendlyWall® near a major source of heat, such as a fireplace mantel?
This product is flammable and its use near a major source of heat (such as a gas fireplace, solid burning appliance, slow burning stove) is not recommended. Please check the latest construction regulations or the fire department nearest you. In most cases, the use of decorative wood walls is forbidden near these heating sources. If no information is available, please consult the Canadian CSA-B365 Installation code for solid fuel-burning appliances or the norm for gas installation CAN/CGA-B149 in Canada and its equivalent for the USA, the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1

Is FriendlyWall® water resistant?
Our finish is quite resistant (against scratches, abrasion, household chemical stains). The 3D aspect of our two Great Classics and Jazz collections is great as a backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms. However, their uneven surfaces may make cleaning grease or water splashes from sinks more challenging. Finium uses a very resistant UV varnish and there is no need to add any other protection over our finish. This finish is not available on the market. This said, we have certain reservations regarding the use of FriendlyWall® in areas where water splashes are frequent. Water infiltration can affect the wood under the varnish. Special notice: please refer to the FriendlyWall® installation guidelines. A stable environment between 35% to 55% relative humidity is ideal for best results. Our last two collection Oilé and Ecolo must avoid completely any risk of water splashing.

Can FriendlyWall® be used as a contour of a gas fireplace?
Non, it is not a good idea, because the heat of the fire can alter the wood or cause premature drying or cracks. FriendlyWall® behaves just like any hardwood floor, requiring a constant level of ambient humidity. Always refer to the recommended materials suggested for the immediate surface near the heat source. Once this safety perimeter is determined, you can always use FriendlyWall® to cover the rest of the wall. 

This product is flammable and its use near a major heat source (such as a gas fireplace, solid burning appliance, slow burning stove) is not recommended. Please check the latest construction regulations or the fire department nearest you. In most cases, the use of decorative wood walls is forbidden near these heating sources. If no available information, please consult the Canadian CSA-B365 Installation code for solid fuel-burning appliances or the norm for gas installation CAN/CGA-B149 in Canada and its equivalent for the USA, the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1 

How do I clean FriendlyWall®?
Very simply, with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Finium UV varnish and oil are both very resistant and makes maintenance easy, with no need for special cleaning or treatment. Regular dusting will remove any dust. You must remember however that both Oilé and Écolo collections panels must avoid risk of water splashing. 


Decorators Supply Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of Ceiling Medallions

  1. Preparation

    Some ceiling medallions have holes precasted in them for access to electrical boxes and some do not. To use medallions without precast holes, a 3 1/2" - 4" hole needs to be drilled in the center using either a hole cutting drill bit or an electric saber saw. This can be done at the factory prior to shipping for a small fee. Your fixture will have a cup or canopy which will fit completely over the hole.

  2. Installing

    On ceilings with drywall construction, the medallions can be fastened in place using drywall screws into the ceiling joist above or toggle bolts may be used if joist locations are not convenient. If properly fastened with four screws, the use of adhesive is not necessary. For concrete ceilings, the use of anchors along with construction adhesive is recommended. The best location for drilling the medallions are those areas where the medallion is thick enough to countersink the screw heads and where the face detail is rather plain and easy to patch. 

  1. Pointing and Patching
    The mounted medallion will first need to be caulked around its perimeter with a good quality paintable caulk. The screw holes will then need to be filled with a premixed, non- shrinking spackle. The careful use of a damp paintbrush over the surface of the drying spackle will smooth over and hide the patch job. The medallion will be able to be primed and painted after 24 hours drying time.

How to Apply Composition Ornaments?

The hand-carved look of our composition ornaments has been popular in the woodworking industry since the early 1900’s, offering highly detailed designs at a fraction of the cost of hand carved pieces. Generally, our composition ornaments should be applied utilizing some type of adhesive. Decorators Supply follows the time-honored method of steam application but our ornaments can simply be glued onto your woodwork as well. Both methods are described below.

Non Steaming Method

For many projects, our composition ornaments can be simply glued onto your woodwork. In situations where the wood is unfinished, good quality Carpenters glue can be used. For situations where the wood is already finished (or even in cases of unfinished wood), we would recommend a panel or caulking adhesive such as Liquid Nails or DAP Kwik Seal Caulking Adhesive. Being a water based product, Kwik Seal is particularly easy to clean up – excess glue can be peeled away and any remaining residue wiped away with water. If your composition ornaments have sat for a while in the shipping box, you may experience warpage in some of the pieces. In these cases, dry heat will soften the pieces, allowing them to lay flat for gluing.

Dry heat sources include:

  • Hair Dryer applied to the bottom side – high setting
  • Heat gun applied to the bottom side – low setting
  • Oven Heating

o Place items on a non-metal surface (i.e. MDF board)

o Bring oven to 200 degrees for small items (1/2” thickness or less), up to 300 degrees for thicker items 

o Heat for approximately 10 minutes

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When you check out, you can view the shipping and handling charges for your order. In the rare case that shipping and handling charges exceed the amount shown, we will notify you. The state or province may require tax to be applied to shipping and handling charges.

Mouldings uses multiple shipping rules to determine shipping and handling charges. The shipping rules are listed below. Please see your shopping cart for an estimate of the exact shipping charges for your order.

  • All Carvings (White River and Brown Wood Products)Ship FREE via FED EX
  • White River Specialty Mouldings (Mon Reale, Embossed and Traditional): Shipping Charges are 15% of total sale
  • Finium: Shipping Charges are 8% of total sale
  • Concretus: Shipping Charges are 15% of total sale
  • Decorators Supply: Shipping Charges are 15% of total sale 

International Orders

Online orders can be delivered worldwide. However, some products, especially large items and items that contain fuel or other hazardous chemicals, are not available for shipment to other countries. To be sure, check the product and shipping notes as you shop. If your country is not listed at checkout, your order cannot be delivered there.

Tax and duty fees may be charged by your country when your order arrives. Those additional charges are your responsibility. Mouldings ships to most countries.

  • International Tier: Shipping Charges are 30% Minimum Charge of order. In the rare case that shipping and handling charges exceed the amount shown, we will notify you.


Products cannot be returned without prior approval and must have a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. Under the following circumstances, products may not be returned for credit:

  1. Are marked on
  2. Are modified in any way
  3. Have been exposed to excessive sun or moisture
  4. Have sheetrock mud, primer, stain, "job site damage"
  5. Returned 60 days after invoice purchase date

Returns are F.O.B. Buyer and are subject to a 20% restocking charge. To receive credit for stock products, product must be received in re-sellable condition. Custom mouldings and custom woodcarvings are not returnable under any circumstances. If returned products are received damaged due to poor repackaging, no credit will be processed. It is imperative that items are not returned in their original packaging without a thorough inspection as more fill may be needed to boxes of carvings or additional wrapping for mouldings may be necessary to prevent return shipment damage. Please call 866-687-8746 and speak to our Customer Service Representative to request an RGA.



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